Grade Your 2015 Off-Season


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    Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by BigJohnMic on April 20th 2012, 12:56 am

    Just curious how everyone felt about the moves they made this offseason. Feel free to grade your offseason moves below. Thanks.

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by indo501 on April 20th 2012, 1:00 am

    Grade: C

    Wasn't active in the trade market but added a starter in the draft and added a couple other quality backups through the draft.

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by nytitan21 on April 20th 2012, 1:06 am

    Jury's still out but i feel pretty good about my draft, Pinning down a QB in the 1st and a Starting (81 ovr) LT in the 2nd round. Also trading Ngata on the surface looks to be a bad move but the DT Seale i got back was getting good pressure in the week 1 game and Tommie Campbell will have his share of INTs this season

    I'd give my offseason a B-

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by neo613 on April 20th 2012, 1:45 am

    On the other side of that coin, Falcons are very happy with the acquisition of Ngata and expect big things from rookie FS Watkins. Falcons defense will be one to watch this season.

    Grade: B

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by BigJohnMic on April 20th 2012, 1:59 am

    Grade: B

    Upgraded my entire LB core in a major way via 4 different trades (2014: Kindle, Acho, Grayson, Matthews -- 2015: Woodley, Kerrigan, Vilma, McCarthy). Picked up a Quarterback (Brandon Lloyd, 76 OVR) in the second round who could very well start for me. However, even with the my other 2nd round pickup (WR Marquel Forrest, 80 OVR), I still didn't address the fact that I don't have a legitimate #1 WR. Although that helped me 2 seasons ago, it really hurt me last season. All in all, Good off-season.

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by echodyneharmonic on April 20th 2012, 11:13 am

    I'll do mine for offense/defense since there has been so much turnover for me

    Dez Bryant, WR - 95ovr
    Jonathan Baldwin, WR - 89ovr
    Reshard Cobbs, HB - 88ovr
    Dexter McCluster, HB - 82ovr
    Martelus Bennett, TE - 80ovr
    Dwayne Harris, WR - 80ovr
    Jeremy Shockey, TE - 78ovr
    Jonathan Hammonds, 78ovr
    Donnie Avery, WR - 73ovr
    Isiah Hopkins, WR - 72ovr

    Jason Witten, TE - 96ovr
    Jeff Otah, OT - 89ovr
    Steve Smith, WR - 88ovr
    Kealoha Pilares, WR - 79ovr
    Brandon Lafell, WR - 78ovr
    Ryan Torain, HB - 76ovr
    Malcolm Browns, QB - 70ovr
    Seyi Ajirotutu, WR - 63ovr

    -Offense Grade: A-
    Loaded with offensive weapons now with Dez, Baldwin, Shipley, Gore, Cobbs, Bennett, Hammonds etc. Will there be enough touches to go round? We'll see. The loss of Otah hurts but I'm confident in either Ben Moore or Lee Ziemba to fill the Right Tackle void (Whichever starts). McCluster and Cobbs both will help keep Frank Gore fresh throughout the season with McCluster handling 3rd Down Duties and Cobbs being a Spell/Short Yardage specialist.


    Anthony Spencer, OLB - 85ovr
    Jaquese Haynes, LE - 82ovr
    Husain Abdullah, FS - 80ovr
    Jabaal Sheard, DE - 79ovr
    Phillip Merling, DE - 78ovr
    Lofa Tatupu, MLB - 78ovr
    Shaquelle Waugh, DT - 76ovr
    Mason Alvin, CB - 75ovr
    Buster Skrine, CB - 75ovr
    Michael Boley, OLB - 74ovr
    Shedrick Jenkins, DE - 71ovr
    Leron Gist, OLB - 70ovr
    Luke Snyder, MLB - 66ovr
    Emery Stackhouse, FS - 65ovr
    Treyon Holden, DE - 60ovr

    Cameron Wake, OLB - 94ovr
    Quayshon Merchant, DE - 90ovr
    Clinton Collins, CB - 85ovr
    Dan Connor, MLB - 85ovr

    Terrell McClain, DT - 83ovr
    Deon Grant, FS - 82ovr
    Sione Fua, DT - 77ovr
    Sean Lee, MLB - 70ovr
    Daryl Smith, MLB - 70ovr

    Grade: C

    Why? -
    I am very happy with the defensive moves I've made but "on paper" this looks like a rather large downgrade. The loss of 2/3 of of the best Edge Rushers inherited and replacing them with a rotation of Anthony Spencer, Jabaal Sheard, Phillip Merling androokie Shedrick Jenkins seems risky but the ability to keep the entire Defensive Line fresh was big for me. Jaquese Haynes was a high 2nd Round Draft pick I traded the rights for and is currently penciled in as my 2nd starting DT. Looking at the depth situation on my DL I think I've done a great job and should have fun finding the right sub packages for situational pass rushing and keying on discipline to stop the run.

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

    Post by Man_in_Motion on April 20th 2012, 4:59 pm

    I didn't do much, but I'm happy with it. I'll give it a C+

    I lost Alex Green 87 but I replaced him with Jacquizz Rodgers 84 and Asa Fanning 82

    I picked up Fisher 84 at LG in the draft which is an 8 point upgrade at that position.

    My progression/regression was pretty static, but my 1st round pick last year DT Wright jumped up to 90.

    I feel like I got a little better.

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    Re: Grade Your 2015 Off-Season

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