Madden 13 Information released today (4/25)


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    Madden 13 Information released today (4/25) Empty Madden 13 Information released today (4/25)

    Post by lilgame on April 25th 2012, 10:18 pm

    Sup fellas...just wanted to share a few articles with yall for those who may have missed it. But today was the start of EA's traditional 4 month release period of information about the new madden. Today's information was all about Gameplay and Presentation. Check out all three of these articles and let me know what you guys buying into the hype again this year? or playing it cautious?

    I think the CBS presentation style is a welcomed addition. As a television major in college, i can appreciate the graphics and banners and stuff like that, and i personally think CBS has the best NFL broadcasts (in terms of camera work, presentation, and commentating) of the 5 networks that show NFL games. According to the article from operation sports about presentation, the commentating sounds much more fluent with much less dead air and awkward gaps.

    As for the gameplay, if things work as they sound, then Im really excited about the improved ball trajectories the most out of anything. Too many times where im sure we havent completed passes to wide open receivers because the ball just refuses to float high enough to get over a LB that jumps 10 feet high. Other highlights include the improvements to play action, pump faking, passing animations (shovel passes! finally!), and the apparent elimination of the psychic DB.

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