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    XML Rule Book

    Post by TheDarkKnight50 on September 15th 2011, 1:21 am

    I. Online Franchise Settings
    a. Stock rosters.
    b. 32 user teams.
    c. This franchise will continue until Madden 13 is released.
    d. No salary cap.
    e. League advances every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    f. All-Pro level.
    g. 8 minute quarters.
    h. Injuries on.
    i. 15 second clock run off.
    j. Trading allowed (5 per team each season), but not with CPU. All trades must be accepted by commissioner.
    k. Draft pick trading is not allowed (back-door trading is), free agent draft picks are tradable.
    l. Trade deadline is Week 6 of the regular season. (once Week 7 starts, no more trades allowed)

    II. Game Play Standards

    We are looking for true Madden football strategy players. We are not looking for the "abuse the flaws of the video games" strategy. If you don't see it happen in the NFL then it will not be allowed in this league. We plan on being strict with this specific rule as always as we check game stats. 8 INT, 700 yard passing, 400 yard rushing games will NOT be tolerated. If you have seen QB’s throwing 8 INT’s in a game then you let me know. You get the idea; know when to stop and when to go. Please note that occasional records are understood but let’s be real.

    Make realistic player substitutions. For example, putting a SS at LB is what NOT to do (putting your TE at No. 1 WR is another example). Putting a MLB at ROLB is OK, OLB at DE, DE at DT, RE at LE, RT at LT, RG at C, or a FS at SS etc.. You be the judge and you know what kind of subs should be allowed or considered out of line. If you honestly don’t know, ask the commissioner.

    Reasons For Termination:
    Again, we will have a ONE strike policy in this league. If you have crazy unrealistic stats, or run up the score on your opponents then you do not have a spot in this league. This league is built upon respect and respectable game play. If you have the game won in the 4th quarter you better be running the ball or trying to run the clock out. I don’t want to see 99 yard TD bombs at expiration when you have beaten your opponent. Know when to quit.

    Activity. Period. If I feel you aren’t active then I have the right at any point in time to release you from the franchise. If I feel it is in the best interest then I will do it. Check forums every 1-2 days as a rule of thumb. The more media posts you create, or the more content you can bring to the league the better chance you'll last in the league.

    Quitting a game. If you quit your game vs. your opponent you will be removed from this league. Please understand that connection issues can occur, but if there is reasonable cause to believe you quit, you will be removed for it. Also disrespecting other owners verbally (to an extreme). Again, we are built upon respect.

    Play Selection:
    Avoid glitch plays to make it a fair game. You CANNOT come out in the same play over and over, and over again. Learn new plays or playbooks if you only have 5 plays you know how to run. GameFlow is always a possibility as well if you have a problem with this. You know it’s frustrating when you play someone and they use the same play for the entire game again and again so let’s stop the process. If you play vs. someone who you feel uses the same repeated plays you may report them to the commissioner (see reporting policy in section three, below, of the rule book).

    Show some balance on offense. If you are going to pass 50 times and rush 7 times in a game then you do not have a spot in this franchise. We expect for some balance in the offense. We aren’t asking to run as many times as passing (50/50) however we are asking you respect the running and passing game equally. I understand some teams are built to run, some are built to pass, but remember this is an NFL copycat league. If you don’t see it on Sunday’s then don’t do it here. I find more issue with teams throwing 40 times to running 5 times than I do a team running the ball 30 times and passing 12 times.

    Stay in check on the screen passes. We don’t want HB’s with 10 receptions a game every week. Use some more plays in the offense, as a guide.


    I also want to mention QB scrambling. DO NOT use this in excess. Play action passes are allowed of course, but scrambling out of the pocket on every play and running every single time during the game (even with no blitz) will not be allowed. Just remember to keep things realistic.

    On the defensive side of the ball, respect the blitz game. We expect everyone to get a pass rush but I don’t want to see guys running to the other side of the line to get a sack (a LE going to the RE side to get a two on one scenario). Guys having 4-5 sacks every game will not be allowed if with abusive blitz calling, user controlling.

    The use of the 4-6 defense has gone a little too far as of late as well. 4-6 defense is allowed, however do not call the same defense the entire game. If you are using a 4-6 defense for 2 WR, 3 WR, 4 WR, and 5 WR sets then you need to reconsider what your doing.

    You can manually move defenders. You are not limited to only moving one guy. In the NFL all positions adjust accordingly to be in position to defend.

    Special teams will only have a couple guidelines. NO fake field goals, NO fake punts, and NO surprise onside kicks.

    III. Transactions (this section of the rules is still under construction)
    Due to no salary cap in Madden 12 XML, we will have our own form of an off-season free agent process. Every team MUST cut an elite player from their roster following each XML season as well as a 70+-72+ and roster fillers. As long as every team is at 47 players heading into the next season we are good. We base your elite players OVR rating upon some basic math. We add your top 20 players overalls (excluding all FB/K/P). We then subtract 100 points, then divide by 20. This is your elite player rating you must cut. The cuts may range in the area of 76 OVR to 84 OVR depending on how talented your roster is.

    This will provide some off-season changes in team’s lineups. There will also be a free agent draft on AIM to acquire these free agent players. The team with the worst record during the given season will have the first choice at the free agent pool (ex. same order as rookie draft order). Once that team selects one of the free agents, the second worse team will get a choice at replacing their former player. From there it will trickle down to the Super Bowl champion having the final choice at a new free agent player. We have 2 rounds and we hold this on AIM messenger.

    Kickers/Punters/Fullbacks are not allowed as one of the elite players cut. Age will not matter in your releases.

    This will shorten the gap between the best and worst in the league.


    NOTE: Commissioner will make all roster additions/subtractions during the off-season. DURING the season, FA pick ups are at all. I will notify the league when I am in control of roster cuts and when I am not in the League News.

    IV. Reporting Game Play Abuse And Scheduling Issues
    When you feel an opponent used flaws of the video game consistently during a game please send email to xtrememaddenleague@hotmail.com. State what was done and if possible create a highlight of the play directly after the game. The highlight will make it easiest to evaluate what you claim. Once that is done the Commissioner will decide whether to penalize a GM.

    If there is a certain aspect of someone’s game that rubs you the wrong way and are unsure whether or not is allowed, contact us at the above email as well to discuss the possible infraction.

    If you have an opponent who isn’t contacting you in the 3 days during each week in the league, contact us and we will either boot the other user to allow your game to play; or we will sim your week if you do not get your game scheduled in time. Contact members via the message board, Playstation Network, AIM, or email. Put an effort in, if we see that you tried to schedule your game on the forum with no response we’ll be sure to get your game in and completed.

    (you can find a full listing of general manager contact information in the scheduling section of forum.)

    If you have any questions about any rules or have an idea for a potential rule addition, please contact me.

    Enjoy this league, it is created to have fun and experience a realistic online franchise!

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