Advanced to Week 14!


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    Advanced to Week 14!

    Post by TheDarkKnight50 on October 25th 2011, 2:26 am

    The next advance will be Friday morning. A lot of the games this week came down to crunch time. Let's STEP IT UP in terms of contacting your opponent, telling them when you can play, and making it happen as soon as possible. Just because we have 3 days doesn't mean the game should be played day 3 each week. We had to simulate WAS/NYJ. Other than that we pulled it off.

    Also wanted to give an update on the league owner situations. CaptainSpread is back as the Buffalo Bills. At this time we have no Cincinnati Bengals owner and we are working on that. JMic (ARI) is currently away for family matters, but will be back in the coming week(s). Will be looking for more owners again to fill this position (temporarily). The rest of the league is good to go as of now. However, there are some guys out there who are being difficult to schedule with...and it's being noted.

    Almost playoffs time... Wink.

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