Warning to XML about a Bad Owner (Jtimz18)


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    Warning to XML about a Bad Owner (Jtimz18) Empty Warning to XML about a Bad Owner (Jtimz18)

    Post by echodyneharmonic on October 27th 2011, 9:02 pm

    Hello folks. Just wanted to send along a little warning about an owner floating around named Jtimz18/leaveUbreathless (Alias). Long story short, he was booted from a league I am in for gameplay issues and proceeded to sign into the league with his Alias ID (leaveUbreathless) before we could change the PW and mass-dropped players from two teams thus leaving the commishes with about an hour of clean up work. Just wanted to give you a heads up DK and anyone else in other leagues that this guy is very much bad news and should be avoided. Take it easy guys.

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