Atlanta Falcons (neo613)



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    Atlanta Falcons (neo613)

    Post by klc22 on December 1st 2011, 1:47 pm

    Offense: Neo mixes it up well with pass and rushing. Also uses multiple formations. I found that he goes over middle most when passing especially when needing a 3rd down conversion. Looks for Gonzo but will go elsewhere. He broke one long run for td but other than that didn't have much problem with run. I found that th zone worked much better than man.

    Defense: "King of zone D". Thats what i would call neo. I knew he was gonna run zone mostly as he did. His zone is very effective and he users the MLB and cover middle well. Not much open deep had mild success to outside. Had many oppurtunites to run with Newton but I hate to qb run much(cheesy imo). Running game was pretty successful. Don't remember seeing much blitz.

    Special Teams: Ran one back on me and almost broke a couple. His KO returned is scary fast.

    Great game Neo I always enjoying playing you. Sim as they come.

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