Green Bay Packers (TheDarkKnight50)



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    Green Bay Packers (TheDarkKnight50)

    Post by klc22 on December 4th 2011, 11:03 am

    Offense: DK mixes run and pass well. Has great oline so have to bring some pressure to slow down the run. Also has many weapons in the passing game. Finley, Nelson and Jennings being the main targets. Jennings was moved around to try and get speed matcup so you may wanna set a defensive assignment to jennings. We had a very raining game so that may of helped with Rodgers. Likes 5wr formation on 3rd downs and I found that if I could rush the pass slightly and get some pressure on Rodgers was much more successful than when I played him last year.

    Deffense: Likes to bring pressure off the edges. Has great LB core and they flow to the ball well. Tosses and outside runs did not have as much success as just pounding in the middle or inside the tackles. Saw some success withthe draws. Mixed up zone and man well. Has good CB on outsie so nothing deep was open. Was able to find witten on a few nice plays. PA worked well vs his blitz on a couple occasions. Overall a good defensive game and well played.

    Special Teams: Crosby has a bomb leg so he is able to make very long Fgs.


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    Re: Green Bay Packers (TheDarkKnight50)

    Post by Sandhu246 on February 15th 2012, 3:12 am

    Offense: Still mixes it up but noticed on 3rd down,he will send TE on outside slant and hit it easily if you are in Cover 2. He can read defense well so I went man coverage a lot to stop his short passing. If you go Cover 3 on 3rd down, he will most likely hit a curl so just play LB and try to cover TE the best you can.
    Defense: Pretty much the same and PA works great. Got tons of PA passes off and got good gains.

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