Free Agent draft is tonight!


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    Free Agent draft is tonight!

    Post by TheDarkKnight50 on February 27th 2012, 5:00 am

    We have the first 10 picks out of the way, but we will finish up the rest today/tonight. The clock will officially begin at 10 pm est, 9 pm cst. Whoever is up is welcome to pick throughout the day however. You can keep track of it here...

    If all of your trades are processed and your free agent picks have been made, then you may play your Week 1 game. If you play your Week 1 game before your fa pick then your fa pick will be forfeited. Also wanted to remind the new guys, that after the free agent agent pick ups will not be a free for all. We will have a thread on the forum where you can post 1 player per 12 hours who you'd like to add to your squad. We'll do that until the interest dies down. A few games have been played all ready, and Week 1 is almost here!


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