Panthers Post-Draft Trade Block


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    Panthers Post-Draft Trade Block

    Post by echodyneharmonic on April 19th 2012, 12:25 pm

    On The Block (Click on names to view on XFN)

    Absolutely anyone and everyone on my Defense is available!

    Quayshon Merchant - LE/90ovr/A Pot - 86spd/99acc/99fmv/84prc
    Charles Johnson - RE/93ovr/A Pot - 78spd/91acc/84awr/96pmv
    Ryan Kalil - C/94ovr/A POT - 86awr/92rbs/99rbf/89ibl
    Jeff Otah - RT/89ovr/A POT - 96str/99rbs/96rbf/94pbs
    Jordan Gross - LT/89ovr/A POT - 92awr/89rbs/93rbf
    Steve Smith - WR/88ovr/A POT - 95spd/90elu/96jkm/88cth/90rte/83cit
    Frank Gore - HB/92ovr/A POT - 91spd/94acc/88trk/94bcv/94sfa/91spm/92jkm/77cth
    Clinton Collins - CB/85ovr/B POT - 92spd/99agi/95mcv/87zcv/99jmp/74cth
    Brandon Hogan - CB/82ovr/A POT - 99agi/99acc/96mcv/86zcv/78cth
    Torian Odom - DT/78ovr/B POT - 71spd/93str/94acc/87awr
    Sione Fua - DT/77ovr/B POT - 90str/87pmv/89bsh

    Looking For (in order)!

    STUD Wide Receiver!!!
    Speed/3rd Down Halfback
    Outside Linebackers with high awr and high coverage ratings
    Inside Linebackers with high awr and high coverage ratings

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