3-Team, 9 Player Trade


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    3-Team, 9 Player Trade

    Post by BigJohnMic on February 29th 2012, 1:44 am

    Associated Press -- Tempe, AZ

    Breaking news out of the Desert: After hesitating to pull the trigger on this deal for a 3 days, the Arizona Cardinals have embarked on a 3-team trade with the Houston Texans and the Miami Dolphins. Arizona welcomes Center Mike Pouncey to the Desert, Miami receives 2nd year phenom Defensive Tackle Jameel Smith, and Houston acquires a perfect compliment to 'Dre in Wide Receiver Davone Bess. Below are the details of this talent-laden 3-team, 9 player deal:

    Arizona Cardinals receive:
    C Mike Pouncey (89 OVR, 25 yrs old, A Pot), WR Mike Sims-Walker (83 OVR, 29 yrs old, B Pot), and WR Kris Durham (79 OVR, 26 yrs old, B Pot)

    Miami Dolphins receive:
    DT Jameel Smith (90 OVR, 23 yrs old, B Pot), OG Gordon Terry (77 OVR, 23 yrs old, B Pot), WR Antwon Calhoun (76 OVR, 22 yrs old, B Pot), and OG Conner Browning (76 OVR, 23 yrs old, A Pot)

    Houston Texans receive
    WR Davone Bess (86 OVR, 28 yrs old, B Pot) and MLB Stewart Bradley (83 OVR, 30 yrs old, B Pot)

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