Free Agent Draft Tonight!


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    Free Agent Draft Tonight!

    Post by TheDarkKnight50 on November 13th 2011, 8:45 pm

    Technically we are all ready through the first nearly 10 picks. The draft IS tonight in the AIM blast. If you are not present when your pick is up, and you have not left a list for anyone to look off of (including me, via PM on the forum only) then we will skip your pick. If at some point you show up after you pick has been skipped, we will let you then pick for your pick.

    Lastly, after the free agent draft we will do like last season. I'll open up a thread in which everyone can post a player they wish to sign every 12 hours. One player per team that you can post, and I will add them to your roster. So again, I'll create the post AFTER the free agent draft and it'll be listed as a free agent signing thread.

    Oh and one other thing, once all your trades have been processed (which we are caught up now) and once all your fa picks have been made, then you are ready for the season. If you still have a fa pick or you still have a trade to be processed you cannot play your Week 1 game yet. The actual advance to Week 1 will be Monday to begin the M-W-F schedule.


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